Shiraz Plastic Products Corporation (Private Shares) which is well-known as “Shiraz Plastic” was established and utilized in 1970. Shiraz Plastic is one of the firs factories of rigid PVC pipes and fittings in Iran which all times try to product the best desirable productions with best quality for the use of customs during more than 25 years of its activity. At the beginning, the capacity of the factory was 1000 ton during a year which is now increased till 7500 ton in a year. The products of Shiraz Plastic are rigid PVC pipes with outer diameter from 20 to 400 mm for the pressure of 4 to 16 atm and different sewage fillings

Shiraz Plastic products all its productions with enduring supervising of its cards of quality controlling part, which by continuous sampling of product line and perfect tests in the equipped laboratory of the factory, try to coincide the products with specifications of Iran industrial research and standard institute and presents them to the customs after quality conforming

The Products of Shiraz Plastic are in different plans like agriculture watering, industrial and drinking water and also in dispatching plans, electric cabling and buildings sewage and could satisfy the customs all the times

Also Shiraz Plastic products some pieces according to recommendations industrial consumption